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At all times one of the main values for the person is his health. Unfortunately, in the modern world of high technologies all of us face the phenomenon that doesn’t strengthen it. The increased standard of living and a new turn of development of engineering thought along with the civilization welfare has brought such phenomena as a high atmospheric gas pollution, effect of ionizing radiation and electromagnetic fields on the person, water and soil pollution by harmful chemical substances and this list can be continued endless.

To protect the human from harmful effect by use of well-timed detections is the main issue of sanitary and epidemiologic supervision where the Republican state enterprise “Center of sanitary and epidemiologic examination” of the Administrative Department of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a part.

The center of the sanitary and epidemiologic supervision is transformed from official body “Center of sanitary and epidemiologic examination” of the Medical center of the Administrative Department of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan to execute the Governmental order of the Republic of Kazakhstan №289 dated March, 12th, 2009.

The center of the sanitary and epidemiologic supervision is as the independent enterprise since January, 2004, and was successor of a laboratory link that is in former times was united division SES of the Medical center of the Administrative Department of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The center of the sanitary and epidemiologic supervision carries out function in accordance with the article 9 of Law of RK “On sanitary and epidemiologic well-being of the population” and together with the sanitary and epidemiologic safety maintenance management of the Medical center (further SESMM) provides medical safety, sanitary and epidemiologic well-being of visits of the foreign states Heads, the Governments into the Republic of Kazakhstan, visits of protected persons of the country to the regions of the republic and actions with participation of protected persons.

The center of the sanitary and epidemiologic supervision carries out bacteriological, parasitological, sanitary and chemical, toxicological researches and measurements of the physical factors (ionizing and electromagnetic radiation, noise, light exposure, a microclimate) of the environment in accordance with the standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the standards accepted between the CIS countries and the international standards.

The center of the sanitary and epidemiologic supervision has all necessary licenses for realization of sanitary and hygienic, sanitary and epidemiologic and disinfection activity.

Since 2007 the Center of the sanitary and epidemiologic supervision has accreditation SNAS (Slovak national accreditation service) on ISO 17025-2005 that gives the chance to the further improvement of material and technical base, expansion of a range of laboratory researches and a recognition of legitimacy of the given out results of laboratory researches practically in all countries of the world, which are the part of international system ILAC.

In the Center of the sanitary and epidemiologic supervision there is the equipment which utilization has provided progressive development of methods of the laboratory analysis of investigated objects of environment in many laboratories in the world. These are such devices as gas chromatograph “Varian CP-3800”, liquid chromatograph “Waters”, atomic adsorptive spectrometer “GBS 933 plus” with system of hydrides generation, spectrophotometer “Merck SQ-118”, the microbiological prompt-analyzer “BakTrak 4100”, system of microbiological water control “Sartorious”, the device for definition of a specific accessory of microorganisms and their sensitivity to antibiotics “BioMerieux MiniAPI”, the electronic counter of colonies for acceleration of calculation of colonies and automation of process of identification. By the way, the device has no analogs in the territory of our republic. With acquisition of the given device it is possible to consider that the first step to automatization in laboratory work is made.

The substrates got in 2008 “RIDA COUNT” – also have no analogs of utilization in sanitary and epidemiologic service of the country, and provides fast, effective, qualified carrying out of researches thanks to the applied ready nutritious means. The given method is intended for quantitative detection of microorganisms in tests of foodstuff from objects of environment. Introduction of the given technique has allowed us to reduce time of researches from 78 hours to 24 hours.

In modern market conditions the laboratory service in life sustenance system of the human is the basic tool of an estimation of a state of environment, qualitative and quantitative definition of the dangerous and potentially hazardous to the human health, chemical, physical, biological and other factors of the surrounding natural, industrial and social environment, their influence on the human health. Therefore we will continue the development and improvement and our motto: “Accuracy, timeliness and impartiality”.


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андрей викторович андрей викторович wrote on 31.08.2020 at 16:13:
До какого времени продлится издевательство над гражданами РК? Обратите внимание на граждан Белоруссии, которые в течение месяца выходят на миллионные (в общей сложности) митинги, не пользуются так называемыми средствами защиты (маски). За этот период у них не за-фиксировано никаких эпидемиологических проблем. Цифры заболеваний, которые Вы озвучиваете по РК - крайне не серьёзны. Предлагаю Вам срочно пересмотреть ваши мероприятия по т.н. борьбе с коронавирусом, для дискуссии можете связаться со мной в течение 2-х дней, либо я подаю на Вас заявление в КНБ РК на предмет о государственной диверсии. С уважением, А.Курбатов , т. 707-1079-383
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Айна Айна wrote on 23.06.2020 at 18:25:
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